NOTES: I had a tendency to write verses that
kids understood and responded to, but which often drew
looks of shock and disbelief from their parents. Here's
a little example of a rhyme that starts off innocently enough...

This happened just the other day:
When I went to the beach to play,
I saw a silly man who lay
     In sand up to his chin;

I watched him for a little while.
His hat was a peculiar style,
And when he saw it made me smile,
     He'd wink at me and grin.

"What would he do, do you suppose,
If he should need to scratch his nose,
Or if the sand-fleas bite his toes?"
     I wondered as I sat;

And as I watched the silly man,
A headless fellow crossed the sand,
Picked up the head, and off they ran,
     And that was that.

© 1993, Will Thomas Laughlin