Which "Zombie"??

As dedicated horror fans are no doubt aware, as of early August 2004 there are two, count 'em two excellent new transfers of Lucio Fulci's Zombie avaiable on DVD. Both are taken from the same pristine print; Blue Underground's edition comes with an enhanced soundtrack and the original Italian language track as a bonus, while Shriek Show's 25th Anniversary Special Edition is a 2-disc set loaded with special features.

So what's a poor consumer to do? How can we possily choose between these two packages?

I understand exactly how you must feel, and so I am here to be no help at all. Below are some screen shots taken from both disks. While they are NOT comparisons of the exact same frame, as they should be to be fair, they're close enough to illustrate my main point: the two versions are so damned good that there's really no way anyone but the pickiest viewer could choose between them.

Blue Underground:
Zombie Sceenshot 1: Blue Underground
Shriek Show:
Zombie Sceenshot 1: Shriek Show
Zombie Sceenshot 2: Blue Underground
Zombie Sceenshot 2: Shriek Show
Zombie Sceenshot 3: Blue Underground
Zombie Sceenshot 3: Shriek Show
Zombie Sceenshot 4: Blue Underground
Zombie Sceenshot 4: Shriek Show
Zombie Sceenshot 5: Blue Underground
Zombie Sceenshot 5: Shriek Show
Zombie Sceenshot 6: Blue Underground
Zombie Sceenshot 6: Shriek Show
Zombie Sceenshot 7: Blue Underground
Zombie Sceenshot 7: Shriek Show
I think you'll agree from the sampling above that both prints are gorgeous. The Shriek Show edition, being a double-disk set, is often priced higher by retailers, so if you can't quite manage to afford the set the single-disk Blue Underground version is really no compromise. However, some retailers -- Best Buy, for example -- price the two identically ($15). Bearing in mind how much loving care and attention went into both packages, I can make the following recommendation very seriously: if you can afford it, buy both.

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