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 Baba Yaga (aka Kiss Me, Kill Me)(1973)

 Babes in Toyland(1986)

 Baby Cart at the River Styx(1972)

 The Babysitter(1995)

 Back in Action(1994)

 Back of Beyond(1995)

 Back to Back(1996)


 Bad Blood(2010)

 Bad Channels(1992)

 Bad Company(1972)

 Bad Girls(1994)

 Bad Girls Go to Hell(1965)

 Bad Magic(1997)

 The Bad Pack(1998)

 Bad Ronald(1974)

 The Bad Seed(1956)

 Bad Taste(1987)

 Badi, the Turkish E.T.(1983)


 Baker County, USA (aka Trapped, The Killer Instinct)(1982)

 Balearic Caper(1966)

 The Ballad of Andy Crocker(1969)

 Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever(2002)

 Band of Outsiders(1964)

 Band of the Hand(1986)

 Bandits, Prostitutes, & Silver(1978)

 The Bang-Bang Kid(1967)



 Barb Wire(1996)

 Barbarella (aka Barbarella, Queen of the Galaxy)(1968)

 Barbarian Queen(1985)

 The Barbarians(1987)

 Bare Behind Bars(1980)

 The Bare Witch Project(1999)

 The Bare-Breasted Countess (aka Erotikill, Female Vampire, The Loves of Irina)(1973)

 Barefoot Gen(1983)

 A Bargain with Satan (aka The Student of Prague)(1913)

 Barn of the Blood Llama(1997)

 Baron Blood(1972)

 The Base(1999)

 Baseline Killer(2006)

 Basket Case(1982)

 Bastard Swordsman, Part One(1983)

 The Bat People(1974)

 The Bat Whispers(1930)

 Bat Without Wings(1980)

 The Bat(1926)


 Batman & Mr. Freeze: Subzero(1998)

 Batman and Robin(1949)


 Bats: Human Harvest(2007)

 Battle Beneath the Earth(1967)

 Battle Beyond the Stars(1980)

 Battle Beyond the Sun(1963)

 Battle for the Planet of the Apes(1973)

 Battle in the Clouds (aka The Airship Destroyer)(1909)

 Battle of the Worlds(1961)

 Battle Queen 2020(2001)

 Battle Royale(2000)

 Battle Wizard(1977)

 Battlefield Earth(2000)

 Battles Without Honor and Humanity(1973)

 Battles Without Honor and Humanity II: Hiroshima Death Match(1973)

 Battlestar Galactica(1978)


 Bay of Blood (aka Twitch of the Death Nerve)(1971)

 Baywatch: Down Under(1999)


 Beach Babes 2: Cave Girl Island(1995)

 Beach Babes From Beyond(1993)

 The Beach Girls and the Monster (aka Monster from the Surf)(1965)


 The Beast (aka Equinox)(1971)

 The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms(1953)

 Beast from Haunted Cave(1959)

 The Beast in the Cellar(1970)

 Beast of Blood (aka Horrors of Blood Island)(1970)

 Beast of Yucca Flats(1961)

 The Beast With a Million Eyes(1955)

 The Beast With Five Fingers(1946)

 The Beast(1996)

 Beast-Man of the Snow (aka Jujin Yuki Otoko)(1955)

 Beastmaster 2: Through the Portal of Time(1991)

 Beastmaster 3: The Eye of Braxus(1995)

 The Beastmaster(1982)

 The Beauties and The Beast (aka The Beast & The Vixens)(1974)

 Beauty and the Beast(1946)

 Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas(1997)

 Beauty of the Haunted House(1998)


 The Bees(1978)

 Before I Hang(1940)

 Beginning of the End(1957)

 Behemoth the Sea Monster (aka The Giant Behemoth)(1958)

 Behind Enemy Lines(1996)

 Behind the Door (aka The Man with Nine Lives)(1940)

 Being Different(1981)

 The Being(1980)

 Bela Lugosi Meets a Brooklyn Gorilla(1952)

 Belle de Jour(1967)

 Beneath Loch Ness(2001)

 Beneath the Planet of the Apes(1970)

 Bent, Volume One(2002)

 Bent, Volume Three(2005)

 Bent, Volume Two(2003)


 Beowulf & Grendel(2005)

 The Bermuda Depths(1978)


 Best of the Best 4: Without Warning(1998)

 A Better Tomorrow 3(1989)

 Beware! The Blob (aka Son of Blob)(1972)


 The Bewitched Inn(1897)

 The Beyond (aka 7 Doors of Death)(1981)

 Beyond Atlantis(1973)

 Beyond Justice(1992)

 Beyond Re-Animator(2003)

 Beyond the Door (aka The Devil Within Her)(1974)

 Beyond the Wall of Sleep(2004)

 Bhoot Ke Pechhe Bhoot(2003)

 The Bible... In the Beginning(1966)

 The Bibleman Adventure: Divided We Fall(2004)

 Big Bad Mama(1976)

 The Big Bird Cage(1972)

 The Big Brawl (aka Battle Creek Brawl)(1980)

 The Big Combo(1954)

 The Big Hit(1998)

 Big Man on Campus(1989)

 Big Meat Eater(1982)

 The Big Score(1983)


 Biker Dreams(1998)

 Bikini Bloodbath(2007)

 Bikini Bloodbath Carwash(2008)

 Bikini Island(1991)

 Bikini Summer(1991)

 Billy Jack(1971)

 Billy Jack Goes to Washington(1977)

 Billy the Kid vs. Dracula(1966)

 Bimbo Movie Bash(1997)

 Bimini Code(1984)

 Binge & Purge(2003)


 The Bird With the Crystal Plumage(1970)

 Birds of Prey (unaired pilot)(2002)

 The Birds(1963)

 Birth Rite(2003)

 Bite the Bullet(1975)

 Black Belt Jones(1974)

 Black Caesar(1973)

 Black Cat(1991)

 The Black Cat(1934)

 The Black Cauldron(1985)

 Black Christmas(1974)

 Black Cobra(1987)

 Black Cobra (aka Black Cobra Woman)(1976)

 Black Demons(1991)

 Black Dog(1998)

 Black Dragons(1942)

 Black Eagle(1988)

 Black Friday(1940)

 The Black Godfather(1974)

 Black Gunn(1972)

 The Black Hole(1979)

 Black Lightning(2009)

 Black Lizard(1968)

 Black Magic(1975)

 Black Mama, White Mama(1973)

 Black Mamba(1974)

 Black Mask(1996)

 Black Mask 2: City of Masks(2001)

 The Black Room(1935)

 Black Rose(1965)

 Black Sabbath (aka Three Faces of Fear)(1964)

 Black Samson(1974)

 Black Samurai(1977)

 The Black Scorpion(1957)

 Black Shampoo(1976)

 The Black Sleep(1956)

 Black Sunday (aka Mask of the Demon)(1960)

 Black Tight Killers(1966)

 The Black Torment(1964)

 Black Velvet (aka Black Emmanuelle, White Emmanuelle)(1977)

 Black Werewolf (aka The Beast Must Die)(1974)

 Blackbirds at Bangpleng (aka Cuckoos at Bangpleng)(1994)


 Blacker Than the Night (aka Mas Negro que la Noche)(1975)


 Blade Runner(1982)

 The Blade(1995)


 The Blair Witch Project(1998)

 The Blancheville Monster (aka Horror)(1963)

 Blazing Magnum (aka Strange Shadows in an Empty Room)(1976)

 Blazing Saddles(1974)

 Bleak Future(1997)


 Bleeders (aka Hemoglobin)(1997)

 Bless This House(1988)

 The Blind Dead (aka Tombs of the Blind Dead)(1971)

 Blind Fist of Bruce(1979)

 Blind Fury(1989)

 Blindfold: Acts of Obsession(1994)



 The Blob(1958)


 Blonde Ice(1948)

 Blood & Donuts(1995)

 Blood and Black Lace(1964)

 Blood Beach(1981)

 The Blood Beast Terror (aka The Vampire Beast Craves Blood)(1967)

 Blood Cult(1985)

 Blood Feast(1963)

 Blood for Blood (aka Sunday in the Country)(1975)

 Blood for Dracula (aka Andy Warhol's Dracula)(1974)

 Blood Freak (aka Blood Freaks)(1971)

 Blood from the Mummy's Tomb(1971)

 Blood Hook(1986)

 Blood Oath(2006)

 Blood of Dracula(1957)

 Blood of Fu Manchu(1968)

 The Blood of Heroes(1988)

 Blood of the Dragon(1973)

 Blood of the Pontianak (aka Sumpah Pontianak)(1958)

 Blood of the Vampire(1958)

 Blood of the Zombie(1961)

 Blood on Satan's Claw (aka Satan's Skin)(1971)

 Blood Red Planet(2000)

 The Blood Shed(2006)

 Blood Sisters (aka Sisters)(1973)

 Blood Ties(1991)

 Blood Waters of Dr. Z (aka Zaat)(1972)

 The Blood-Spattered Bride(1975)


 Bloodfist 3: Forced to Fight (aka Forced to Fight)(1991)

 Bloodfist 4: Die Trying(1992)




 Bloodrayne 2: Deliverance(2007)

 The Bloodstained Shadow(1978)


 Bloodsucking Freaks (aka The Incredible Torture Show, House of Screaming Virgins)(1975)

 Bloody Bender(2001)

 Bloody Birthday(1981)

 The Bloody Judge (aka Night of the Blood Monster)(1970)

 Bloody Moon(1981)

 Bloody New Year(1987)

 Bloody Pit of Horror (aka A Tale of Torture)(1965)

 Bloody Territories(1969)

 Blow Up(1966)

 The Blue Bird(1976)

 Blue Demon(2004)

 Blue Monkey(1987)




 Body Armor (aka Conway, The Protector)(1997)

 Body Beat (aka Dance Academy)(1987)

 Body Count (aka Codename: Silencer)(1995)

 Body Fever(1969)

 Body Melt(1993)

 Body of Evidence(1993)

 Body Rock(1984)

 The Body Snatcher(1945)

 Body Snatchers(1993)



 The Bone Collector(1999)

 Bonnie's Kids(1973)

 The Boogens(1981)

 Book of Shadows: Blair Witch II(2000)

 The Book of Stone (aka El Libro de Piedra)(1969)



 Boondock Saints(1999)

 Bordello of Blood(1996)

 The Borrower(1991)

 The Boston Strangler(1968)

 Bottle Rocket(1996)


 Bowanga Bowanga (aka Wild Women)(1951)

 The Bowery at Midnight(1942)

 The Box(2004)

 Boxer's Omen(1983)

 Boxing Helena(1993)

 A Boy and His Dog(1974)

 The Boys from Brazil(1978)

 Brain Damage(1987)

 The Brain Eaters(1958)

 The Brain From Planet Arous(1958)

 Brain of Blood(1971)

 The Brain That Wouldn't Die(1959)

 The Brain(1987)


 The Brainiac(1961)




 Bram Stoker's Dracula(1992)

 Branded to Kill(1967)

 Bread Crumbs(2009)

 Breakfast at Manchester Morgue (aka Let Sleeping Corpses Lie)(1974)


 Breakin' II: Electric Boogaloo(1984)

 Breaking Point(1976)

 Breathing Fire(1991)




 The Bride and the Beast(1958)

 Bride of Chucky(1998)

 Bride of Frankenstein(1935)

 Bride of the Gorilla(1951)

 Bride of the Monster(1955)

 The Bride With White Hair 2(1993)

 The Bride With White Hair(1993)

 Brides of Blood (aka Brides of Blood Island, Brides of the Beast)(1968)

 Brides of Dracula(1960)

 Bridge of Dragons(1999)

 Brigham City(2001)

 Broken Arrow(1996)

 The Brood(1979)

 The Brotherhood of Satan(1970)

 The Brothers Lionheart(1977)

 Bruce Lee Fights Back From The Grave(1976)

 Bruce Lee, We Miss You(1977)

 Bubba Ho-Tep(2002)

 Buck Rogers(1979)

 A Bucket of Blood(1959)


 Buddha's Palm(1966)

 Buddhist Fist(1980)

 Buffy the Vampire Slayer(1992)

 The Bug (aka Bug)(1975)

 Bug Buster(1998)

 A Bullet for Sandoval(1969)

 Bullet Train(1975)


 Bunny O'Hare(1972)

 Burial Ground (aka Nights of Terror, Night of Terror)(1980)

 Buried Alive (aka Beyond the Darkness, Blue Holocaust, The Final Darkness)(1978)

 The Burning(1980)

 Burnt Offerings(1976)

 Bury Me An Angel(1971)



 The Butterfly Effect(2004)

 Butterfly Kiss(1995)

 Bwana Devil(1952)

 Büyü (aka Dark Spells)(2004)