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 C.H.U.D. II: Bud the C.H.U.D.(1988)


 Cabin by the Lake(2000)

 The Cabin in the Woods(2009/2012)

 The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari(1919)


 California Gold Rush(1946)

 The Call of Cthulhu(2005)

 Call the Cops (aka Find the Lady)(1976)

 Calling Dr. Death(1943)

 Caltiki, the Immortal Monster(1959)

 Calvaire (aka The Ordeal)(2004)

 Can Heironymous Merkin Ever Forget Mercy Humppe and Find True Happiness?(1969)

 Can't Stop the Music(1980)

 Canadian Bacon(1995)


 Candy Stripe Nurses(1974)


 Cane Toads(1987)

 Cannibal Apocalypse (aka Invasion of the Flesh Hunters)(1980)

 Cannibal Ferox (aka Make Them Die Slowly)(1980)

 Cannibal Holocaust(1979)

 Cannibal Terror(1981)

 Cannibal Women in the Avacado Jungle of Death(1988)

 Cannibal! The Musical(1996)

 Cape Canaveral Monsters(1960)

 Cape Fear(1962)

 The Capitol Conspiracy(1993)

 Capricorn One(1978)

 Captain America(1979)

 Captain America II: Death Too Soon(1979)

 Captain Blood(1935)

 Captain Clegg (aka Night Creatures)(1961)

 Captain Kronos, Vampire Hunter(1972)

 Captain Nemo and the Underwater City(1969)

 Captain Planet and the Mission to Save Earth(1990)

 Captive Wild Woman(1943)

 The Capture of Bigfoot(1979)

 The Car(1977)

 Carnage Road(2000)

 Carnival of Blood(1970)

 Carnival of Souls(1962)

 Carnival of Souls (aka Wes Craven Presents Carnival of Souls)(1998)


 Carnosaur 2(1995)


 The Cars That Ate Paris(1974)

 La Casa Está Vacía (aka The House Is Empty)(1945)

 Cash on Demand(1961)

 The Cassandra Crossing(1976)

 Castle Freak(1995)

 Castle of Blood (aka Danse Macabre)(1964)

 The Castle of Cagliostro(1979)

 The Castle of Death(1971)

 Castle of Evil(1966)

 Castle of the Living Dead(1964)

 Castle of the Walking Dead (aka The Torture Chamber of Dr. Sadism)(1967)

 Casus Kiran(1968)

 The Cat and the Canary(1927)

 Cat City(1986)

 Cat Girl (aka The Cat-Woman)(1957)

 Cat People(1942)

 Cat Women of the Moon(1953)

 Cat's Eye(1985)

 Cave of the Silken Web(1967)



 Cazadores de Espias (Spy Hunters)(1969)

 The Cell(2000)

 Cellar Dweller(1988)


 Cemetery Man (aka Dellamorte Dellamore)(1994)

 Cemetery of Terror(1985)


 Chain of Command(2000)

 Challege of the Superfriends: Revenge on Gorilla City(1978)

 Challenge of the Lady Ninja(1983)

 Challenge of the Superfriends: Conquerors of the Future(1978)

 Challenge of the Superfriends: Fairy Tale of Doom(1978)

 Challenge of the Superfriends: Swamp of the Living Dead(1978)

 Challenge of the Superfriends: The Final Challenge(1978)

 Chamber of Horrors(1966)

 Chamber of Horrors (aka The Door with Seven Locks)(1940)

 The Champions of Justice(1971)


 Change of Habit(1969)


 Charlie's Angels(2000)




 The Cheerleaders(1972)

 Cherry 2000(1987)

 Cheyenne Warrior(1994)

 Child's Play(1988)

 Child's Play 2(1990)

 Child's Play 3(1991)

 Children of Men(2006)

 Children of the Corn(1984)

 Children of the Damned(1963)

 Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things(1972)

 The Children(1980)


 The Chilling(1989)

 China O'Brien(1990)

 China O'Brien 2(1990)

 China Seas(1935)

 China Strike Force(2000)

 A Chinese Ghost Story II(1990)

 A Chinese Ghost Story(1987)

 A Chinese Ghost Story: The Animation(1997)

 Chinese Gods(1980)

 Chino (aka The Valdez Horses)(1973)

 Choke Canyon(1986)

 Chopper Chicks in Zombie Town(1989)

 Chopping Mall (aka Killbots)(1987)

 The Chosen (aka Holocaust 2000, Rain of Fire)(1977)

 Chosen Survivors(1974)


 The Christine Jorgensen Story(1970)

 Christmas Evil(1980)

 Chungking Express(1994)

 The Church(1989)


 Circadian Rhythm(2005)

 Circle of Iron(1979)

 City Limits(1985)

 City of Blood(1983)

 City of the Walking Dead (aka Nightmare City)(1980)

 City on Fire(1979)

 The Clairvoyant (aka The Evil Mind)(1934)

 Clan of the Cave Bear(1986)

 Clans of Intrigue(1977)

 Clash of the Titans(1981)

 Class of 1984(1982)

 Class of Nuke 'Em High(1986)

 Class of Nuke 'Em High, Part II: Subhumanoid Meltdown(1991)

 Claws (aka Devil Bear)(1977)

 Clear Water (aka Andy Koontz's Clear Water)(2003)

 Cleopatra Jones(1973)

 The Clones of Bruce Lee(1977)

 Close Encounters of the Third Kind(1977)


 The Clown at Midnight(1998)


 Club Dead(2000)

 The Club(1994)


 Cobra Woman(1944)

 The Cocaine Fiends(1936)


 Code Name Alpha(1965)

 A Cold Night's Death(1973)

 Cold Turkey(1971)


 College Girl Murders(1967)

 Collision Course(1987)

 Colony (aka Colony of the Dark)(1995)

 Color Me Blood Red(1965)

 Colossus and the Amazon Queen(1960)

 Colossus and the Headhunters(1963)

 The Colossus of New York(1958)

 Colossus: The Forbin Project(1969)

 Colour From the Dark(2008)

 Comatose (aka Mati Suri)(2009)

 Come Get Some(2003)

 The Comedy of Terrors(1963)

 Comic Book: The Movie(2004)


 Commando Girls (aka Hell Squad, aka Commando Squad)(1985)


 The Company of Wolves(1984)

 Completely Totally Utterly(1998)


 Con Air(1997)

 Con Licencia para Matar (aka With License to Kill)(1968)

 Conan the Barbarian(1982)

 Conan the Destroyer(1984)


 El Conde Dracula(1970)


 Confessions of a Psycho Cat(1968)

 Confessions of a Serial Killer(1987/1992)

 The Confetti Brothers(2001)


 The Conjuror(1899)

 The Conquerer Worm (aka Witchfinder General)(1968)

 Conqueror of the World(1983)

 The Conqueror(1956)

 Conquerors of Atlantis(1965)


 Conquest of the Planet of the Apes(1972)

 Conquest of the Pole(1912)

 Contamination (aka Alien Contamination)(1980)

 The Convent(2000)

 Convoy Buster(1977)

 Conway (aka Body Armor)(1997)

 Cool as Ice(1991)


 Cops & Robbers(1973)

 Cornman - American Vegetable Hero(2000)

 Corpse Grinders II(2002)

 The Corpse Vanishes(1942)

 Corridors of Blood (aka The Doctor From Seven Dials)(1958)

 The Cosmic Man(1959)

 Cosmic Voyage (aka Cosmic Journey)(1936)

 Cosmos: War of the Planets (aka War of the Planets)(1977)

 Cotton Comes to Harlem(1970)

 The Count of Monte Cristo(1975)

 Count Yorga, Vampire(1970)

 Countess Dracula(1970)

 Courage (aka Raw Courage)(1984)

 Cowboy Commandos(1943)


 Crack House(1989)

 Crack in the World(1965)

 Cracking Up(1977)

 The Craft(1996)

 Crash and Burn(1990)

 The Crater Lake Monster(1977)

 The Craving(1980)

 The Crawling Eye (aka The Trollenberg Terror)(1958)

 The Crawling Hand(1963)



 The Crazies(1973)

 Crazy Lips(1999)


 Creature (aka Peter Benchley's Creature)(1998)

 Creature (aka Titan Find)(1985)

 Creature from Black Lake(1976)

 Creature from Hell (aka Mahluk dari Neraka)(early 1990's?)

 Creature from the Black Lagoon(1954)

 Creature from the Haunted Sea(1961)

 Creature of Destruction(1967)

 Creature of the Walking Dead(1962)

 The Creature Walks Among Us(1956)

 Creature with the Atom Brain(1955)

 Creature wtih the Blue Hand(1967)

 Creatures from the Abyss(1994)

 Creatures the World Forgot(1971)


 The Creeper (aka Rituals)(1978)

 The Creeper(1948)

 The Creeping Flesh(1972)

 The Creeping Terror(1964)

 The Creeping Unknown (aka The Quatermass Xperiment)(1955)



 Creepy Tales(2001)

 Crime Busters(1976)

 Crime Story(1993)

 Crime Zone(1988)

 Criminally Insane(1975)

 The Crimson Cult (aka Curse of the Crimson Altar)(1968)

 The Crippled Avengers (aka Return of the Five Deadly Venoms)(1978)

 The Crippled Masters(1984)

 Critters 4(1991)


 Crocodile 2: Death Swamp(2002)


 The Cross and the Switchblade(1972)

 Cross Mission(1989)

 Cross Shot(1976)

 Crossover (aka Mr. Patman)(1980)



 Cruel Gun Story(1964)

 Cruel Intentions 2(2001)

 Cruise into Terror(1978)

 Crusher Joe(1983)

 A Cry in the Wild II: White Wolves (aka White Wolves)(1993)

 Cry of the Banshee(1970)

 Cry of the Werewolf(1944)

 Crypt of the Living Dead (aka Hannah, Queen of the Vampires, Vampire Women)(1973)



 Cthulhu Mansion(1990)

 Cuckoos at Bangpleng (aka Blackbirds at Bangpleng)(1994)

 Cult of the Cobra(1955)

 The Curious Dr. Humpp(1967)

 Curse of Bigfoot(1958/76)

 The Curse of Count Chocula(2001)

 Curse of Death (aka Death Curse of Tartu)(1966)

 Curse of Frankenstein(1957)

 The Curse of Her Flesh(1968)

 Curse of the Cannibal Confederates (aka Curse of the Screaming Undead, Curse of the Confederate Cannibals)(1982)

 Curse of the Cat People(1944)

 Curse of the Crimson Altar (aka the Crimson Cult)(1968)

 Curse of the Demon (aka Night of the Demon)(1957)

 The Curse of the Fly(1965)

 Curse of the Komodo(2004)

 Curse of the Living Corpse(1964)

 Curse of the Mummy's Tomb(1964)

 Curse of the Stone Hand(1964)

 Curse of the Swamp Creature(1966)

 Curse of the Undead(1959)

 Curse of the Vampires(1970)

 Curse of the Werewolf(1961)

 The Curse(1987)


 The Cursed Galleon (aka Ghost Galleon, Horror of the Zombies, Ship of Zombies)(1975)

 Cut and Run(1985)

 Cut Throat(2002)

 Cutting Class(1989)

 Cyber Ninja(1988)



 Cyberzone (aka Droid Gunner)(1995)


 Cyborg 2(1993)

 Cyborg Soldier(1994)

 The Cyclops(1956)