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 The H-Man(1958)



 Hades Project Zeorymer(1988)

 Haggard's She (aka The Pillar of Fire)(1899)


 Half Human(1958)

 Half Past Dead(2002)

 Hall of Mirrors(2001)


 Halloween 3: Season of the Witch(1982)

 Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers(1988)

 Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers(1989)

 Halloween is Grinch Night (aka It's Grinch Night!)(1977)

 Halloween: H2O(1998)

 Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers(1995)

 Halloween II(1981)

 The Hammond Mystery (aka The Undying Monster)(1942)

 The Hand of Orlac(1961)

 The Hand(1960)

 The Hands of Orlac (aka Mad Love)(1935)

 The Hands of Orlac(1924)

 The Hanged Man(1974)

 Hannah, Queen of the Vampires (aka Crypt of the Living Dead)(1973)


 Hansel & Gretel(2002)

 Hanuman and the 7 Ultramen(1974)

 Hard Candy(2006)

 Hard Cash(2002)

 Hard Hunted(1992)

 Hard Rock Zombies(1984)

 Hard Target(1993)

 Hard to Be a God(1989)

 Hard to Die(1993)


 Hare Rama Hare Krishna(1971)

 The Harrad Experiment(1973)

 The Harvest(1993)

 Hasta el Viento Tiene Miedo(1968)

 Hatchet for the Honeymoon(1969)

 The Hatchet Murders (aka Deep Red)(1975)

 The Haunted Castle(1897)

 The Haunted Palace(1963)

 The Haunting(1963)


 Have a Good Funeral, My Friend... Sartana Will Pay (aka Stranger's Gold)(1971)

 Hawk the Slayer(1980)

 Haxan (aka Witchcraft Through the Ages)(1922)

 He-man/She-Ra: A Christmas Special(1985)

 Head of the Family(1996)

 The Headless Ghost(1959)

 The Headless Horseman(1922)


 Hearts and Armour(1982)


 Heat Vision and Jack(1999)

 Heaven Before I Die(1997)

 Heavenly Bodies(1984)

 Heavenly Creatures(1994)

 The Heavens Call(1959)

 Heavy Metal 2000(1999)

 Hedwig and the Angry Inch(2001)

 Hell Asylum(2002)

 Hell Comes to Frogtown(1987)

 Hell Night(1981)

 Hell of the Living Dead (aka Night of the Zombies, aka Zombie Creeping Flesh)(1981)

 Hell Skull Valley (aka Neraka Lembah Tengkorak)(1988)

 Hell Up in Harlem(1973)

 Hell's Gate(2002)

 Hellbound: Book of the Dead(1994)




 Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night 2(1987)


 Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth(1992)

 Hellraiser: Bloodline(1996)

 Hellraiser: Deader(2005)

 Hellraiser: Hellseeker(2002)

 Hellraiser: Hellworld(2005)

 Hellraiser: Inferno(2000)


 Hercules (aka The Labours of Hercules)(1958)

 Hercules and the Princess of Troy (aka Hercules vs. the Sea Monster)(1965)

 Hercules and the Queen of Lidia (aka Hercules Unchained)(1959)

 Hercules in New York(1970)

 Hercules Versus the Hydra (aka The Loves of Hercules)(1960)

 Hercules And The Conquest Of Atlantis (aka Hercules and the Captive Women)(1961)

 Hero Dream(1992)

 Heroes Shed No Tears(1983)

 The Heroic Trio(1992)

 Hex (aka The Shrieking)(1973)

 Hey! There's Naked Bodies On My TV!(197?)

 Hickey & Boggs(1972)

 Hidden Fortress: The Last Princess(2008)

 The Hidden(1987)

 Hide and Creep(2004)


 The High And The Mighty(1954)

 High Crime(1973)

 The High Crusade(1994)

 High Kick Girl(2009)

 High Road to China(1983)

 High School Confidential(1958)

 High School Ghosthustlers(2001)

 High School Hellcats(1958)

 Highlander II: The Quickening(1991)

 Highlander: The Adventure Begins(1994)

 Highway to Hell(1992)

 The Hills Have Eyes, Part 2(1985)

 The Hills Have Eyes(1978)

 The Hippie Revolt (aka Something's Happening)(1967)

 His Brother's Wife(1936)

 His Majesty the Scarecrow of Oz(1914)

 The Hitcher 2(2003)

 The Hitcher(1986)

 Hitchhike to Hell(1968)

 The Hitchhiker: A Time for Rifles(1985)

 The Hitchhiker: And If We Dream(1985)

 The Hitchhiker: Face to Face(1984)

 The Hitchhiker: Petty Thieves(1985)

 The Hitchhiker: The Man at the Window(1985)

 The Hitchhiker: Videodate(1985)

 The Hitchhiker:  Hired Help(1985)

 Hitler's Daughter(1990)

 Hitler: Dead or Alive(1942)


 The Hobbit(1978)

 The Holcroft Covenant(1985)

 Holla! If I Kill You(2004)

 Hollow Man(2000)

 Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers(1988)

 Hollywood Harry(1985)

 Hollywood High(1977)

 Hollywood Homicide(2003)

 Hollywood Scream Queen Hot Tub Party(1991)

 Hollywood Vampyr(2002)

 Holocaust 2000 (aka The Chosen, Rain of Fire)(1977)

 Holy Virgin vs. the Evil Dead(1990)



 Homesteaders of Paradise Valley(1947)


 Honey Baby(1974)

 Honey Britches(1971)

 Honey Glaze(2003)

 Honeymoon Horror(1981)

 The Honeymoon Killers(1969)

 Hong Kong 97(1994)

 The Hong Kong Hitman (aka Stoner, A Man Called Stoner)(1972)

 Honor and Glory(1993)

 The Horrible Dr. Bones(2000)

 The Horrible Secret of Dr. Hichcock (aka The Horrible Dr. Hichcock, aka Raptus)(1962)

 Horrible Sexy Vampire(1970)

 Horror (aka The Blancheville Monster)(1964)

 The Horror at 37,000 Feet(1973)

 Horror Express(1972)

 Horror Hotel (aka City of the Dead)(1960)

 Horror of Dracula (aka Dracula)(1958)

 Horror of Party Beach(1964)

 Horror of the Blood Monsters (aka Vampire Men of the Lost Planet)(1970)

 Horror of the Zombies (aka The Cursed Galleon, Ghost Galleon, Ship of Zombies)(1975)

 Horror Planet (aka Inseminoid)(1980)

 Horror Rises from the Tomb(1973)

 Horrors of Spider Island(1959)

 Horrors of the Black Museum(1959)


 The Host(2006)


 Hostel, Part II(2007)

 Hostile Intent(1997)

 Hot Boyz(1999)

 Hot Chili(1985)

 Hot Resort(1985)

 Hot Summer(1967)

 The Hotel!!(2002)

 The Hound of the Baskervilles(1958)

 House 4(1992)

 The House by the Cemetery(1981)

 The House by the Lake (aka Death Weekend)(1976)

 House II: The Second Story(1987)

 The House Is Empty (aka La Casa Esta Vacia)(1945)

 House of 1000 Corpses(2003)

 House of Dark Shadows(1970)

 House of Dracula(1945)

 House of Frankenstein(1944)

 House of Fury(2005)

 The House of Seven Corpses(1974)

 House of the Dead(2003)

 House of the Dead 2(2006)

 House of Usher(1988)

 House of Wax(1953)

 The House of Whipcord(1974)

 House on Haunted Hill(1958)

 House on Skull Mountain(1974)

 The House on the Edge of the Park(1980)

 The House That Vanished (aka Scream...and Die!)(1973)

 How Awful About Allan(1970)

 How to Make a Monster(1958)

 Howard the Duck(1986)

 Howlers in the Dock (aka Urlatori alla Sbarra)(1960)

 Howling 2(1985)

 Howling III: The Marsupials(1987)

 A Howling in the Woods(1971)

 Howling IV: The Original Nightmare(1988)

 Howling V: The Rebirth(1989)

 The Howling(1980)

 Hugo the Hippo(1976)

 Hum se Badhkar Kaum(1981)

 The Human BEEing(2000)

 The Human Duplicators(1965)

 The Human Monster (aka Dead Eyes of London, Dark Eyes of London)(1939)

 The Human Tornado (aka Dolemite 2: The Human Tornado)(1976)

 The Human Vapor(1960)

 Humanoids From the Deep(1980)


 The Hunchback of Notre Dame(1923)


 The Hunger Games(2012)

 The Hunted(1995)


 The Hunting Party(1971)

 Hush, Hush, Sweet Charlotte(1964)


 Hyper Sapien: People from Another Star(1986)

 The Hypnotic Eye(1960)