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 I Accuse (aka J'Accuse!)(1919)

 I Am Legend(2007)

 I Am Number Four(2011)

 I Am Omega(2007)

 I Am Virgin(2010)

 I Bury the Living(1958)

 I Come in Peace(1990)

 I Don't Want to Be Born (aka The Devil Within Her)(1975)

 I Drink Your Blood(1971)

 I Eat Your Skin (aka Zombies)(1964)

 I Know What You Did Last Summer(1997)

 I Know Who Killed Me(2007)

 I Love Maria(1988)

 I Married a Monster from Outer Space(1958)

 I Spit on Your Grave (aka Day of the Woman)(1978)

 I Stand Alone(1998)

 I Still Know What You Did Last Summer(1998)

 I Walked With a Zombie(1943)

 I Was a Teenage Frankenstein(1957)

 I Was a Teenage Werewolf(1957)

 I Wonder Who's Killing Her Now? (aka Kill My Wife, Please!)(1976)

 I'll Always Know What You Did Last Summer(2006)

 I'll Get You(1952)

 I'll Kill You, I'll Bury You, and I'll Spit on Your Grave Too!(1995)

 I, Madman(1989)

 I, Monster(1971)

 I, Zombie: A Chronicle of Pain(1998)


 Ice Crawlers (aka Deep Freeze)(2001)

 Ice Cream Man(1995)

 The Ice Pirates(1984)

 Idaho Transfer(1973)

 Idle Hands(1999)

 If Footmen Tire You, What Will Horses Do?(1971)

 If I Die Before I Wake(1998)

 If You Meet Sartana... Pray For Your Death(1968)

 Ikarie XB-1(1963)

 Ilsa the Wicked Warden (aka Greta the Mad Butcher)(1977)

 Ilsa vs. Bruce Lee in the Devil's Triangle(1976)

 Ilsa, Harem Keeper of the Oil Sheiks(1976)

 Ilsa, She-Wolf of the SS(1974)

 Ilsa, Tigress of Siberia(1977)

 Image of the Beast(1981)

 Immortal Combat(1994)


 The Impossible Kid(1982)

 Impulse (aka Want A Ride, Little Girl?)(1974)

 Impulsion (aka The Stepmother)(1971)

 The In Crowd(1988)

 In God's Hands(1998)

 In Service to America(1987)

 In the Cold of the Night(1989)

 In the Dust of the Stars(1976)

 In the Folds of the Flesh(1970)

 In the Mouth of Madness(1994)

 In the Shadow of Kilimanjaro(1986)

 In the Sign of the Gemini(1975)

 In the Sign of the Lion(1976)

 In the Sign of the Taurus(1974)

 In the Sign of the VirginĀ (aka Danish Pastries)(1973)

 In the Year 2889 (aka Year 2889)(1967)

 The In-Laws(1979)

 Incense for the Damned(1970)


 The Incredible Genie(1997)

 The Incredible Hulk Returns(1988)

 The Incredible Melting Man(1977)

 Incredible Paris Incident(1967)

 The Incredible Petrified World(1957)

 The Incredible Shrinking Man(1957)

 The Incredible Two-Headed Transplant(1971)


 The Incubus(1981)

 Independence Day(1996)

 The Indestructible Man(1958)

 The Indian Superman(1987)

 Infernal Affairs(2002)



 The Inglorious Bastards(1978)

 Inner Sanctum(1991)

 Inner Senses(2002)

 Innocent Blood(1992)

 Innocents from Hell (aka Alucarda, Sisters of Satan)(1975)


 Insee Thong(1970)

 Inseminoid (aka Horror Planet)(1980)

 Interceptor Force(1999)

 Intercessor: Another Rock 'n' Roll Nightmare(2005)


 Interpol 009(196?)

 Interview With the Assassin(2002)

 Into the Sun(2005)

 Intrepidos Punks(1980)

 Intrusion Cambodia(1981)



 Invaders from Mars(1953)

 Invasion from Inner Earth(1974)

 Invasion of the Animal People(1962)

 Invasion of the Bee Girls (aka Graveyard Tramps)(1973)

 Invasion of the Blood Farmers(1972)

 Invasion of the Body Snatchers(1956)

 Invasion of the Saucer Men (aka Invasion of the Hell Creatures)(1957)

 Invasion of the Star Creatures(1963)

 Invasion USA(1985)


 The Invincible Barbarian(1983)

 The Invincible Six(1968)

 The Invisible Boy(1957)

 The Invisible Ghost (aka The Phantom Killer)(1941)

 Invisible Invaders(1959)

 The Invisible Man Returns(1940)

 The Invisible Man's Revenge(1944)

 The Invisible Man(1933)

 The Invisible Maniac(1990)

 Invisible Mom(1995)

 The Invisible Ray(1936)

 Invisible Strangler(1976)

 Invitation to Hell(1984)

 Irma la Douce(1963)

 Irma Vep(1996)

 Iron Claw the Pirate(1969)

 Iron Fist: The Giants are Coming(1973)

 Iron Monkey(1993)

 The Ironmaster(1982)

 The Island at the Top of the World(1974)

 The Island of Dr. Moreau(1996)

 Island of Lost Souls(1933)

 Island of Terror(1966)

 Island of the Burning Doomed (aka Island of the Burning Damned, Night of the Big Heat)(1964)

 Island of the Doomed (aka Maneater of Hydra)(1967)

 Island of the Fish-Men (aka Screamers)(1979)

 Island of the Lost(1967)

 The Island(1980)

 Isle of the Dead(1945)

 Isn't She Great(2000)

 It Came From Beneath the Sea(1955)

 It Came from Outer Space(1953)

 It Came from Somewhere Else(1988)

 It Conquered the World(1956)

 It Lives Again(1978)

 It! The Terror From Beyond Space(1958)

 It's a Small World(1950)

 It's Alive(1974)

 It's Alive!(1969)