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 M. Butterfly(1993)

 Macabra (aka Demonoid)(1981)



 Mad Doctor of Blood Island(1969)

 Mad Dog(1977)

 The Mad Executioners(1963)

 The Mad Genius(1931)

 Mad Love (aka The Hands of Orlac)(1935)

 The Mad Magician(1954)

 Mad Max(1979)

 Mad Max 2 (aka The Road Warrior)(1981)

 Mad Monster Party(1967)

 The Mad Monster(1942)

 Mad, Mad Kung Fu (aka Ol' Dirty Kung Fu)(1979)

 The Maddening(1995)


 Madhouse Mansion(1974)


 Mafia vs. Ninja(1984)

 Magdalena, Possessed By The Devil(1974)


 Magic Blade(1976)

 The Magic Christmas Tree(1965)

 The Magic Cloak Of Oz(1914)

 Magic Cop(1990)

 The Magic Garden of Stanley Sweetheart(1969)

 Magic in the Mirror(1996)

 Magic Island(1995)

 Magic Lizard (aka King-Ka Kayasit)(1985)

 The Magic Serpent(1966)

 The Magic Sword(1962)

 The Magician(1898)

 The Magnetic Monster(1953)

 Magnificent Obsession(1954)

 The Magnificent Seven Ride!(1972)

 Make Them Die Slowly (aka Cannibal Ferox)(1981)

 Making the Grade(1984)



 Malibu High(1979)

 Malpertuis (aka The Legend of Doom House)(1972)

 Mama Dracula(1980)

 Mamano Hunter Yohko(1990)

 Mamano Hunter Yohko 5(1994)

 Mambo Girl(1957)


 The Man and the Monster(1958)

 A Man Called Stoner (aka Stoner, The Hong Kong Hitman)(1972)

 The Man From Cairo(1953)

 The Man from Deep River (aka Sacrifice!)(1972)

 The Man from Planet X(1951)

 Man in the Attic(1954)

 The Man They Could Not Hang(1939)

 The Man Who Wasn't There(1983)

 The Man with Nine Lives (aka Behind the Door)(1940)

 The Man with the Screaming Brain(2005)

 Man-Made Monster(1941)

 Mandingo Manhunter (aka Devil Hunter)(1980)


 Maneater of Hydra (aka Island of the Doomed)(1967)

 The Mangler 2(2001)

 The Mangler(1995)

 Manhattan Baby(1982)



 Maniac (aka Sex Maniac)(1934)

 Maniac Cop(1988)


 The Manitou(1975)

 Manos: The Hands of Fate(1966)

 Mansion de las Siete Momias(1977)

 Mansion Mystery(1941)

 Mansion of the Doomed(1977)


 The Manster (aka The Split)(1960)

 Mantis In Lace(1968)


 Marihuana: The Weed with Roots in Hell(1936)

 The Mark of Dracula(1997)

 Mark of the Astro-Zombies(2002)

 Mark of the Devil(1970)

 Mark of the Vampire(1935)

 Mark of the Vampire (aka The Vampire)(1957)

 Marked Man(1995)

 Marooned (aka Space Travelers)(1969)

 Mars Attacks!(1996)

 Mars Needs Women(1967)

 Martial Outlaw(1993)


 Mary Shelley's Frankenstein(1994)

 Más negro que la noche(1975)

 The Mask of Fu Manchu(1932)

 The Mask of Satan (aka Black Sunday)(1960)

 Mask of the Dragon(1951)

 Masque of the Red Death(1964)

 Massacre Time(1966)

 The Master Gunfighter(1975)

 Master of the Flying Guillotine(1975)

 Master of the World(1961)

 Masters of the Universe(1987)

 Matango (aka Attack of the Mushroom People)(1963)

 Mati Suri (aka Comatose)(2009)

 Mau Mau Sex Sex(2001)



 Maximum Overdrive(1986)


 The Maze(1953)

 Mean Guns(1997)

 Meatcleaver Massacre(1977)

 The Mechanical Man(1921)

 The Medusa Touch(1978)

 Meet the Feebles(1989)

 Meet the Hollowheads(1989)

 Mega Piranha(2010)

 Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus(2009)


 Men Cry Bullets(1997)

 The Men Who Stare at Goats(2009)

 The Mercenaries(1980)

 The Mercenary(1997)


 Mesa of Lost Women(1953)

 Message from Space(1978)

 Messiah of Evil (aka Dead People)(1973)

 Metalstorm: The Destruction of Jared-Syn(1983)


 Metamorphosis: The Alien Factor(1993)



 Miami Hustle(1996)

 Micro Mini Kids(1999)

 Microwave Massacre(1983)


 The Midnight Hour(1985)

 The Mighty Gorga(1969)

 Mighty Joe Young(1949)

 The Mighty Jungle(1964)

 The Mighty Kong(1998)

 Mighty Peking Man (aka Goliathon)(1977)

 Mil Mascaras: Resurrection(2007)

 Milano Rovente(1973)




 The Mind Ripper(1995)


 The Minion (aka Fallen Knight)(1998)

 A Minute to Pray, A Second to Die(1967)

 The Miracle Fighters(1982)


 Missile to the Moon(1959)

 The Missing Head (aka Strange Confession)(1945)

 Missing Link(1988)

 Mission of Justice(1992)

 Mission Stardust(1967)

 Mission to Mars(2000)

 The Mist(2007)

 Mister Freedom(1968)

 The Mistress of Atlantis(1932)

 Mistress of the Apes(1981)

 Mistress of the World (aka Herrin der Welt - Teil I)(1959)

 The Mod Squad(1999)

 Modesty Blaise(1966)

 The Mole People(1956)

 Mom and Dad Save the World(1991)

 Mon Star(2002)

 Mondo Mod(1967)

 Mondo Trasho(1969)


 The Monitors(1969)

 Monkey Business(1952)

 Monkey for President(2000)

 The Monkey Hustle(1976)

 The Monolith Monsters(1957)


 Monster a Go-Go(1965)

 Monster from a Prehistoric Planet (aka Gappa, The Triphibian Monster)(1967)

 Monster from Green Hell(1958)

 Monster from the Ocean Floor(1954)

 Monster High(1989)

 Monster Hunter (aka Absurd, Anthropophagous 2)(1982)

 Monster in the Closet(1986)

 The Monster Maker(1944)

 Monster Mash: The Movie (aka Frankenstein Sings)(1995)

 The Monster of Piedras Blancas(1959)

 The Monster That Challenged the World(1957)

 The Monster Walks(1932)

 The Monster(1925)


 Monsters, Marriage and Murder in Manchvegas(2009)


 Monstrosity (aka The Atomic Brain)(1963)


 Monte Walsh(1970)

 Moon 44(1990)

 Moon Zero Two(1969)

 Moonlight Sword & Jade Lion(1979)

 Moonshine County Express(1977)

 The Moonstone(1934)



 Mortal Challenge(1996)

 Mortal Kombat(1995)

 Mortal Kombat: Annihilation(1997)

 Morte ha sorriso all'assassino, La(1973)



 The Most Dangerous Game(1932)

 Motel Hell(1980)

 Mother of Tears(2007)


 Mountain Man (aka Guardian of the Wilderness)(1977)

 Mountain of the Cannibal God (aka Prisoner of the Cannibal God, Slave of the Cannibal God)(1978)

 Mountain Top Massacre(1983)

 Movers and Shakers(1985)

 Moviemark DVD Indie Shorts Project Vol. 1(2006)


 Mr. Billion(1977)

 Mr. Frost(1989)

 Mr. India(1987)

 Mr. Nice Guy(1997)

 Mr. Patman (aka Crossover)(1980)

 Mr. Sardonicus(1961)

 Mr. Scarface (aka Scarface Killer, Rules of the City)(1977)

 Mr. Stitch(1995)

 Mr. Vampire(1985)

 Ms. 45 (aka Angel of Vengeance)(1980)

 Mudhoney (aka Rope of Flesh)(1965)

 Mulholland Falls(1996)


 Mummies of Guanajuato(1972)

 The Mummy's Curse(1944)

 The Mummy's Ghost(1944)

 The Mummy's Hand(1940)

 The Mummy's Shroud(1967)

 The Mummy's Tomb(1942)

 The Mummy(1932)

 Munster, Go Home!(1966)

 Muppets From Space(1999)

 The Muppets' Wizard of Oz(2005)

 Murder at the Baskervilles (aka Silver Blaze)(1937)

 Murder by Mail (aka Schizoid)(1980)

 Murder in the Museum(1934)

 Murder on Flight 502(1975)

 Murder Plot(1979)


 Murders in the Rue Morgue(1932)

 Murders in the Zoo(1933)

 The Musical Version of the War of the Worlds(1979)

 Mutant (aka Night Shadows)(1984)

 Mutant Hunt(1986)

 Mutant Species(1995)


 The Mutations (aka The Freakmaker)(1973)

 Mute Witness(1994)

 The Mutilator (aka The Dark)(1979)

 The Mutilator(1984)

 My Bloody Valentine(1981)

 My Body Burns(1972)

 My Demon Lover(1987)

 My First Mister(2001)

 My Little Pony: The Movie(1986)

 My Man Adam(1985)

 My Name Is Bloody(1973)

 The Mysterious Doctor(1943)

 The Mysterious Dr. Fu Manchu(1929)

 Mysterious Island(1961)

 The Mysterious Island(1929)

 The Mysterious Knight(1899)

 The Mysterious Portrait(1899)

 The Mystery of the Red Orchid(1962)

 The Mystery of the Wax Museum(1933)

 Mystery Street(1950)

 Mystics in Bali(1981)