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 The Pack(1977)

 Paid to Kill(1954)

 Pan's Labyrinth(2006)


 Panic in Year Zero!(1962)

 Papaya, Love Goddess of the Cannibals(1978)

 Paper Mask(1991)


 Paradise Hills(2007)

 Paradise, Hawaiian Style(1966)

 Paralyzed (aka Short Night of the Glass Dolls)(1971)




 The Parent Trap(1961)


 The Party Animal(1984)

 Party Crasher(1995)

 Past Perfect(1998)

 The Patchwork Girl Of Oz(1914)

 The Patriot(1993)

 The Paul Lynde Halloween Special(1976)

 The Peace Killers(1971)

 The Peacekeeper(1997)

 Pedicab Driver(1989)


 Peeping Tom(1960)



 The People That Time Forgot(1977)

 The People(1972)

 Pepe le Moko(1937)

 Perfumed Garden (aka Tales of the Kama Sutra)(1998)

 Pet Shop(1994)

 Peter Benchley's Creature(1998)

 Petey Wheatstraw, the Devil's Son-in-Law(1977)


 Phantasm 2(1988)

 The Phantom Carriage(1921)

 The Phantom from 10,000 Leagues(1956)

 Phantom From Space(1953)

 Phantom of Death(1987)

 The Phantom of Paris(1931)

 Phantom of Soho(1964)

 Phantom of the Opera(1998)

 The Phantom of the Opera(1925)

 The Phantom of the Paradise(1974)

 The Phantom Planet(1961)

 Phantom Ship(1935)

 Phantom Town(1999)

 The Phantom(1996)

 Phantoms (aka Dean Koontz's Phantoms)(1998)

 Pharoah's Curse(1956)

 Phase IV(1974)

 Phenomena (aka Creepers)(1984)

 Phenomenal and the Treasure of Tutankhamen(1968)



 The Photographer(1969)


 Picasso Trigger(1988)

 Pickup on South Street(1953)

 The Picture of Dorian Gray(1945)


 Pigs (aka Daddy's Deadly Darling)(1972)

 The Pillar of Fire (aka Haggard's She)(1899)

 Pillow of Death(1945)

 The Pink Angels(1971)

 Pink Nights(1985)

 Pinocchio in Outer Space(1964)

 Pioneer Woman(1973)

 Pippi Longstocking(1968)

 Pirahna 2: The Spawning(1981)


 Pirates of Blood River(1962)

 The Pit & The Pendulum(1961)

 The Pit(1981)

 A Place of One's Own(1945)

 The Plague of the Zombies(1966)

 The Plague(2006)

 Plan 9 from Outer Space(1958)

 Planet of Dinosaurs(1978)

 Planet of Storms(1962)

 Planet of the Apes(1968)

 Planet of the Vampires(1965)

 Planet on the Prowl(1965)

 Planet Patrol(1999)


 Plato's Run(1997)

 Play Misty For Me(1971)

 Please Don't Eat My Mother(1973)

 Plutonium Baby(1987)

 Point Blank(1998)

 The Point Men(2001)

 Poison for the Fairies (aka Veneno para las Hadas)(1984)

 Pok√©mon: The First Movie(1999)

 Police Story(1985)



 Pontianak Gua Musang (aka The Pontianak of Civet Cat Cave)(1964)

 Porno Holocaust(1981)



 Powder Town(1942)

 The Power(1968)

 Pray For Death(1985)

 Prayer of the Rollerboys(1991)



 Prehistoric Women(1950)


 Prehysteria! 2(1994)

 Prehysteria! 3(1995)

 The Premature Burial(1962)

 The President's Analyst(1967)


 Prey for Rock & Roll(2003)

 The Prey(1980)

 Primal Force(1999)

 Prime Time (aka American Raspberry, Funny America)(1978)


 Prince of Darkness(1987)

 Prince of Space(1959)

 Princess Mononoke(1997)

 Princess Warrior(1990)


 Prison of the Dead(2000)

 Prison on Fire 2(1991)

 Prisoners of the Lost Universe(1983)

 Private Lessons(1980)

 Private Parts(1972)

 Private Popsicle(1982)


 Project Moonbase(1953)

 Project Shadowchaser(1992)

 Project Shadowchaser 3000(1995)

 Project Vampire(1993)

 Project X(1968)

 Project: Metalbeast(1995)

 The Projected Man(1966)

 Prom Night(1980)

 Prom Night 3: The Last Kiss(1989)

 Prom Night 4: Deliver Us From Evil(1992)

 The Promise(1979)


 The Protector (aka Body Armor)(1997)


 Prototype X29A(1992)

 Psychic Killer(1975)

 The Psychic(1968)


 Psycho Beach Party(2000)

 Psycho Santa(2003)







 The Pumaman(1980)

 The Pumpkin Karver(2006)


 Pumpkinhead 2: Blood Wings(1994)

 The Punisher(1989)

 The Punishment of Anne (aka The Image)(1975)

 Puppet Master(1989)

 Puppet Master 2(1991)

 Puppet Master 3(1991)

 The Puppet Masters(1994)

 Puraksar: CID Agent(1970)


 Pushing Up Daisies (aka Five Minutes of Freedom, Five Minutes to Freedom)(1974)


 Pyasa Shaitan(1984? 1995?)


 Python II(2002)