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 Rabid Dogs(1974)

 Race with the Devil(1975)

 Radar Men from the Moon(1952)

 Radioactive Dreams(1984)



 The Rage: Carrie 2(1999)

 Raggedy Ann & Andy: A Musical Adventure(1977)

 The Raiders of Atlantis(1983)

 Raiders of the Living Dead(1985)

 Raiders of Wu Tang (aka Raiders of the Shaolin Temple)(1982)

 Rain of Fire (aka The Chosen, Holocaust 2000)(1977)

 Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer(1985)

 Raise the Titanic!(1980)

 Raisins de la Mort (aka Grapes of Death)(1978)

 Rana: The Legend of Shadow Lake(1975)

 Rani Mera Naam(1972)

 Ranma 1/2 Martial Mayhem: Tea For Three(1991)

 Ranma 1/2 the Movie 2: Nihao My Concubine(1992)



 Rasen (aka Ring: The Spiral)(1998)

 Rasputin, The Mad Monk(1966)

 Rat Pfink a Boo Boo(1965)

 A Rat's Tale(1997)

 The Rats(2001)

 Rats: Night of Terror(1984)

 Raumpatrouille Orion (aka Space Patrol)(1966)

 The Raven(1915)



 Raw Courage (aka Courage)(1984)

 Raw Force(1982)

 Raw Meat (aka Death Line)(1972)

 Rawhead Rex(1986)

 Razor Blade Smile(1998)



 Real Men(1987)

 Reap the Wild Wind(1942)

 Rebel Without a Cause(1955)

 Rebirth of Mothra(1996)


 Red Blooded American Girl(1990)

 Red Eye(2005)

 Red Heat(1985)

 The Red Monks(1988)

 Red Planet Mars(1952)

 Red Riding Hood(2011)

 Red Sonja(1985)

 Red Water(2003)



 Redneck Revenge(1996)

 Redneck Zombies(1987)

 Reefer Madness(1936)

 Reflections of Evil(2002)

 Reflections of Light(1988)

 Reign of Fire(2002)

 The Reincarnation of Isabel(1974)

 The Relic(1997)

 Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins(1985)



 Renegade Girl(1946)




 Repo Man(1984)


 The Reptile(1966)

 Reptilian (aka Yongggary)(1999)


 Requiem for a Secret Agent(1967)

 Resident Evil(2002)

 Resident Evil: Apocalypse(2004)

 Resident Evil: Degeneration(2008)

 Rest Stop(2006)

 The Resurrected(1991)

 The Resurrection (aka Opstandelsen)(2010)


 Retro Puppet Master(1999)


 The Return of Captain Sinbad(1999)

 The Return of Count Yorga(1971)

 The Return of Doctor X(1939)

 The Return of Dracula(1958)

 The Return of the Alien's Deadly Spawn (aka The Deadly Spawn)(1983)

 Return of the Bastard Swordsman(1984)

 Return of the Blind Dead (aka Return of the Evil Dead)(1973)

 Return of the Cheyenne Kid(2002)

 Return of the Fly(1959)

 Return of the Giant Majin (aka Return of Daimajin)(1968)

 The Return of the King(1980)

 The Return of the Living Dead 3(1993)

 The Return of the Living Dead, Part 2(1988)

 The Return of the Living Dead(1985)

 The Return of the Living Dead: Necropolis(2005)

 Return of the Living Dead: Rave to the Grave(2005)

 Return of the Vampire(1944)

 Return to Frogtown(1992)

 Return to Oz(1985)


 Revelation 22:22(2004)


 The Revenge of Doctor X(1970)

 Revenge of Frankenstein(1958)

 The Revenge of Hercules (La Vendetta Di Ercole)(1960)

 Revenge of the Cheerleaders(1976)

 Revenge of the Creature(1955)

 Revenge of the Ninja(1982)

 Revenge of the Stepford Wives(1980)

 Revenge of the Teenage Vixens from Outer Space(1985)

 Revenge of the Zombies(1943)

 Revolt of the Zombies(1936)

 The Revolting Dead(2003)

 Ride to Glory (aka The Deserter)(1971)

 Riders to the Stars(1954)

 Righting Wrongs(1987)

 Ring (aka Ringu)(1998)

 Ring 0: Birthday(1999)

 Ring 2(1999)

 The Ring Two(2005)

 Ring Virus(1999)

 The Ring(2002)

 Ring: The Spiral (aka Rasen)(1998)

 The Ripper(1986)

 The Risen(2001)

 Rituals (aka The Creeper)(1978)

 The Rivals (aka Rivals, Stranger at Jefferson High)(1981)


 Road Ends(1998)

 Road House(1989)

 The Road Hustlers(1968)

 The Road Warrior (aka Mad Max 2)(1981)

 Robinson Crusoe(1954)

 Robinson Crusoe on Mars(1964)

 Robo C.H.I.C.(1989)

 Robo Vampire(1993)

 Robo Warriors(1996)


 RoboCop 2(1990)

 Robot Holocaust(1987)

 Robot Jox(1991)

 Robot Monster(1953)

 Robot Ninja(1990)

 Robot vs. the Aztec Mummy(1957)

 Robot Wars(1993)


 Rock & Rule(1983)

 Rock 'n' Roll Frankenstein(1998)

 Rock n Roll Nightmare (aka The Edge of Hell)(1987)

 Rock'n with Satan(2002)

 The Rocket Man(1954)

 Rocketship X-M(1950)

 The Rocking Horse Winner(1949)


 The Rocky Horror Picture Show(1975)

 Rocky IV(1985)

 Rock 'n' Roll High School(1979)



 Roller Blade(1986)

 Roller Boogie(1979)


 The Roly Poly Man(1994)

 Romper Stomper(1992)

 Room 6(2005)

 The Room(2003)

 Rosemary's Baby(1968)

 Route 666(2001)

 Route 9(1998)

 Royal Warriors(1986)



 The Ruins(2008)

 Rules of the City (aka Scarface Killer, Mr. Scarface)(1977)

 Rumble in the Bronx(1995)


 Run, Angel, Run(1969)

 The Running Man(1987)

 La Rupture(1970)

 Rush Hour 2(2001)

 Ruslan and Ludmila(1972)

 Rustler's Rhapsody(1985)