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 U.S. Seals II(2001)

 UFO Abduction: A True Story(1991)

 Ulterior Motives(1992)

 Ultimate Avengers(2006)

 Ultimate Death Match(2009)

 Ultimate Desires(1992)

 Ultimax Force(1986)

 Ultra Warrior(1992)

 Ultraman Gaia: The Battle in Hyperspace(1999)

 Ultraman Tiga & Ultraman Dyna: Warriors from the Planet of Light(1998)

 The Uncanny(1977)

 Uncle Sam(1996)


 Under the Cherry Moon(1986)

 The Underground(1997)

 The Undertaker and His Pals(1966)

 The Undertow(2003)


 Underworld (aka Transmutations)(1985)

 Underworld Beauty(1958)

 The Undying Monsters (aka The Hammond Mystery)(1942)

 The Unholy Night(1929)

 The Unholy Rollers(1972)

 The Unholy Three(1925)

 Unidentified Flying Oddball(1979)


 The Uninvited(1944)

 Unknown Island(1948)

 Unknown Origin(1994)

 The Unknown Terror(1957)

 Unknown World(1951)

 The Unknown(1927)

 The Unnamable 2: The Statement of Randolph Carter(1992)

 Unnatural Born Killer(1996)

 Unseen Evil(1999)

 Untamed Women(1952)

 The Untold Story(1992)

 Up From the Depths(1979)

 Up To His Ears(1965)

 Urban Legend(1998)

 Urban Warriors(1987)

 Urlatori alla sbarra(1960)

 Urotsukidoji: Legend of the Overfiend(1989)

 USS VD: Ship of Shame(1942)