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 A Vacation in Hell(1979)

 El Vagabundo en la lluvia(1968)

 Vahsi Kan(1983)

 The Valdez Horses (aka Chino)(1973)

 Valdez is Coming(1971)

 The Valley of Gwangi(1969)

 Valley of the Zombies(1946)


 The Vampire (aka Mark of the Vampire)(1957)

 Vampire Bat(1933)

 Vampire Circus(1971)

 Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl(2009)

 Vampire Lovers(1970)

 Vampire Men of the Lost Planet (aka Horror of the Blood Monsters)(1970)

 Vampire Over London (aka Old Mother Riley Meets the Vampire & My Son the Vampire)(1952)

 Vampire Sisters(2003)


 Vampires (aka John Carpenter's Vampires)(1998)

 Vampires vs. Zombies(2003)


 Vampyres (aka Daughters of Dracula, Daughters of Darkness)(1974)

 Les Vampyres(????)

 Vampyros Lesbos(1970)

 Van Helsing(2004)

 The Vanishing Lady(1896)

 Varan the Unbelievable(1958)

 Vase de noces(1974)

 The Vault(2000)

 Velvet Hustler(1967)

 Veneno Para las Hadas (aka Poison for the Fairies)(1984)

 Vengeance Is Mine (aka Sunday in the Country, Blood for Blood)(1975)




 A Very Brady Sequel(1996)

 A Very Star Wars Christmas(1982)

 Vice Academy(1988)

 Victim of Desire(1996)

 The Video Dead(1987)

 Video Violence(1986)

 Video Violence 2(1988)


 Viewer Discretion Advised(1998)

 Vigilantes of Dodge City(1944)

 The Vikings(1958)

 Village of the Damned(1960)

 Village of the Giants(1965)

 Vincent Price: The Sinister Image(1987)

 Violent Naples (aka Violent Protection)(1976)

 The Violent Professionals(1973)

 Violent Rome(1975)

 Violent Shit(1989)

 Violent Shit 2(1992)

 Violent Shit 3: Infantry of Doom(1999)

 A Virgin Among the Living Dead(1971)

 The Virgin of Nuremberg(1963)

 Virtual Obsession(1997)


 Viva Knievel!(1977)

 Viva Las Vegas!(1964)

 Voices From Beyond(1991)



 Voodoo Academy(2000)

 Voodoo Black Exorcist(1973)

 Voodoo Island(1957)

 Voodoo Moon(2006)

 Voodoo Woman(1956)

 Le Voyage Dans la Lune (aka A Trip to the Moon)(1902)

 Voyage of the Rock Aliens(1984)

 Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea(1961)

 Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women(1967)

 Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet(1965)